Five Ways New Leaders Can Inspire Employee Engagement

  1. Employee trust in the company’s leadership
  2. Employee relationships with the management team/supervisors
  3. Employee pride in being part of the company
  1. Foster employee commitment and dedication. Get to know your team members individually and personally — work-related and not. Give meaning to the work they do and always demonstrate respect and trust in everything you do.
  2. Focus on the three rules that successful leaders use. Give to another what you want for yourself. Beingness trumps doingness. Give the gift of your time to those who work for you and report to you — this is the ultimate gift in terms of recognition and appreciation.
  3. Set a course to meet your goals. Demonstrate active listening to show you really care about what each member of your team has to say. Help others find their solutions and creative approaches to challenges that come their way in the workplace. Help others plot their course for career growth and development. Hold others to a high standard while remaining fair and consistent in the application of company rules and guidelines.
  4. Create an environment in which employees can motivate themselves in light of your organization’s changing needs. Make sure the environment is built on trust so it’s safe to volunteer new ideas — it must be respectful and inclusive, so all workers feel valued regardless of pay grade or title. There must be some kind of critical measurement that’s simple to explain and that all employees can work toward. For this, start by picking a small task and introduce it as a new challenge. Discuss opportunities for including the measurement that’s identified up-front and encourage sharing ideas publicly.
  5. Recognize burnout and reengage your employees based on individual needs. When you notice an employee showing signs of burnout, start by figuring out where those feelings are coming from. Remember even a small change can make a difference and you have the power to reshape people’s work lives. You can help turn around lackluster performers who may feel burdened by their workload, understimulated by lack of career progress, or otherwise underappreciated for what they contribute.



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