How to Be an Effective Leader for Your Team Through Change

2 min readMay 5, 2022


Change in any organization is inevitable from time to time. Managing change includes accepting it, supporting it, and understanding how your team members may be resistant to it. Your team may be resistant to change because of the fear of the unknown so it’s your job to provide them accurate information they may not like, rather than no information at all.

Instead of getting bogged down with the idea of change, help lead your team through it.

4 Ways to Effectively Lead Your Team Through Change

  1. Introduce the change. It’s best to preemptively connect with your boss and/or the appropriate stakeholders to make sure you understand why the change is being implemented, how it will be measured, or how long leaders expect it to take. When you address your team, make sure you clarify how the change will affect them, why it’s happening, and acknowledge their feelings. Try to aim for neutrality and openness by using words like “we” and “us” rather than “they” and “them.” Resist the urge to blame organizational changes on management. To minimize the chances of confusion or gossip, make sure you’re following up on the news of the company change.
  2. Manage the disruptions. Check in with each team member frequently and communicate comprehensively. Address any cynicism and confront chronic resistance and regression.
  3. Adopt quickly to change. Help your team members pivot from learning back to execution in this new reality. Reset and reprioritize expectations at both the team and individual level. Use a scoreboard to track progress and only focus on what matters — say no to the rest. Learn from mistakes and celebrate early wins. Ask your leader for feedback and help when you need it.
  4. Seek feedback and celebrate success. Seek feedback on how you can better lead change and make new goals if needed. Build you team’s capability for future changes.

During times of change it’s helpful to remember you are looking at the change from your vantage point and may not be able to see all the benefits it could bring. For the sake of your team and their ability to adapt you need to send a message that you trust your organization.

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