How to Lead Your Team Through Change with Ease

  • 74% of employees feel they are missing out on company news
  • 72% of employees don’t feel they have a full understanding of their company’s strategy
  • In organizations where employees are connected, productivity increases by 20–25%
  • When it comes to aligning employees’ goals with corporate purposes, only 23% of executives say their company excels at this
  1. Do our employees have the motivation to change?
  2. Are our employees equipped with the ability to change?
  1. Tell a story. The vision — where you want to be as an organization — is part of a larger story that involves you and the business. The use of storytelling allows everyone to visualize where the company needs to be, but also where it currently is and how to make that transition.
  2. Chart the path. Equip those in your organization to become leaders in your change communication. When you and your employees reach a shared vision that is deemed good for the company, it’s you that will show them the path to take to get them there.
  3. Use visual tools. You can create images, such as timelines, countdowns, or graphics that answer FAQs. You can incorporate them via digital signage, screensavers, or in newsletters. Ex.: Use your login screen as a countdown reminder of how many days are left until a change will be implemented. This ensures employees are aware and ready for the change to happen.
  4. Keep your message employee focused. It’s important to communicate from an employee’s perspective — avoid management speak and being condescending. Employees need to understand what’s in it for the organization but also what’s in it for them. They need to know exactly what is required of them and how they’ll be personally affected by the change. Failure to execute here can result in an unsuccessful change.
  5. Include rewards and recognition. A good way to keep employees engaged as you roll out the change program is to incorporate an element of reward and recognition. This is also a good strategy for continued communication about the change. You can publicize rewards for employees who take positive approaches toward the change as well as those who are helping make the change possible.



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