Signs You’re Not an Effective Leader and How to Become One

  1. You have a disengaged team. If you notice the members of your team doing the bare minimum required of them and get a sense they’re simply going through the motions, this is a good sign they’re not engaged. This could be an indicator that you’re not inspiring and motivating them to do their very best work.
  2. When it comes to meeting goals, your team consistently fails. Sometimes you may find certain goals are not achievable, but if this is happening all the time, that’s a problem. You may want to take this as an opportunity to communicate better with the leaders in your company about creating more attainable goals for your team or asking for the additional resources you need. On the other hand, it could point toward a disengaged team in need of a more effective leader.
  3. The promotion rate on your team is low. The best leaders develop their teams, help them craft their career paths, and nominate them for available promotions when they’re ready for them. If your team’s promotion rate is low, time to promotion is high, or you have a high turnover rate due to a lack of career progression, employee development may be something you need to work on.
  1. Become an emotionally intelligent person. Emotional intelligence is the ability to effectively manage your emotions, as well as the emotions of those around you. This skill is crucial if you intend to offer stability and hope to your team, especially when you’re going through a challenging time. If you don’t feel this is a skill you manage well, consider investing the time necessary to develop it.
  2. Spend time developing and coaching your team. Great leaders are genuinely interested in the growth and development of those they work with. You can play a more active role in their growth and development by learning about their goals and aspirations. This will help you be more effective in catering to them because you’ll have a better understanding of their needs.
  3. Connect with your team on a personal level. Employees want to be treated like human beings, not just human resources. They appreciate leaders who care about them on a personal level and take the time to build a relationship with them. People are more likely to exceed your expectations if you care for their overall well-being and show them compassion.



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