The Five Leading Metrics to Prove Your L&D Training Is Successful

  1. Increase in the number of skills employees are developing. If your L&D programs are working, you’ll notice employee skill levels increasing. They’ll have more skills and may have even mastered the ones they already had.
  2. The number of online courses completed. This one may seem obvious, but don’t take it for granted. The more courses that are completed shows that more employees are taking the time to go through them. Better yet, they want to go through them.
  3. Qualitative feedback about online courses from employees. If you really want to know how your employees feel about your L&D program, ask them. Get their honest opinions and even some constructive criticism. You can use this to measure what’s working and what aspects can be improved.
  4. Increased productivity. A spike in productivity is a good indicator that an L&D program is effective. Motivation might have shot up too, which is a great bonus.
  5. The number of consistently engaged employees. Having employees complete courses is a good way to measure success but it’s an even more impressive metric if they’re consistent. The longer they stay engaged, the better.



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