The Top Four Ways You Can Increase Your Leadership Mindset

2 min readFeb 8, 2022

The job of a leader is to continually assess paradigms for accuracy and ensure they reflect reality. They ask themselves what they believe about their leadership, team, and themselves. They must redefine their success from getting things done themselves, to getting them done through their team.

There are a few steps you can take to get there.

Start with your team. List out the members on your team and write down your beliefs about each of them. Step back and ask what has happened that’s made you have those beliefs? Do the same things for paradigms you have about yourself.

Assess your leadership paradigms. Identify the paradigms that made you successful as an individual contributor and determine which will and won’t work in your leadership role. Talk to other successful leaders about the mindset they had to leave behind when they transitioned from individual contributor to leader. What beliefs did they adopt that have helped them?

The see-do-get cycle. Real behavior changes by challenging your mindset. The “get” part of the cycle is the desired result. The “do” is the behaviors that drive the result and the “see” is your mindset. Shift your mindset to think differently about success in your new role.

Practice. Develop a leader’s mindset by achieving results with and through others. Hold one-ones to help people get and stay engaged. Set up your team to get results by helping members get clear on the why and the what and make sure you support them in the how. Create a culture of feedback by giving and seeking it to elevate the entire team. Lead your team through change — championing change with them rather than controlling and containing the change. Manage your time and energy.

Your primary responsibility now is getting things done through others. You can still experience gratification under these conditions though. You get to see and help others succeed, adapt to your new identify and master new responsibilities, and celebrate your team’s success when they meet their commitments. This can all lead to the furthering the objectives of the company through your group’s achievements.

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Written by Rachel Strysik




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