Three Major Ways L&D Has an Impact on Employee Engagement

3 min readJul 12, 2022


A Gallup survey found that, of US employees, only one in three are actively engaged at work. Udemy’s Workplace Boredom Study revealed that 80% of employees said L&D opportunities would help them feel more engaged on the job. Disengaged and bored employees are more likely to leave an organization than to stay. In the wake of the Great Resignation, companies should be focused on employee engagement more than ever.

Over the course of the pandemic, when people had more downtime than usual, they passed the time by learning new skills and mastering old ones. This helped keep people sane but also prepared them for new opportunities. Why shouldn’t the same concept be applied to the employees across your company? L&D is a great way to keep employee engagement high and turnover low.

Three Ways L&D Can Impact Employee Engagement

  1. Improves Employee Retention. Employees who feel valued are less likely to consider leaving an organization — investing in L&D communicates this to them. According to LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report (2018), 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development. By investing in the growth of its employees — allowing them the ability to reach their personal growth goals — the company can set itself up for success as employees’ commitment to the organization and its goals grows.
  2. Cultivates Teamwork and Collaboration. Remote and hybrid work is the new normal, but it has had an enormous impact on engagement. An SHRM survey found that 77% of employees noted coworker relationships have a direct impact on their engagement at work. L&D creates opportunities for more teamwork. It also encourages the sharing of knowledge and the collaboration on tasks toward a common goal.
  3. Allows Employees Opportunities for Promotion. Effective L&D programs can properly equip employees with the necessary skills for them to excel in their roles. Culture Amp found that employees with access to the L&D they needed were 21% more engaged than those without. This is just the beginning, though; it can also give them the skills they need to transition into leadership roles. Employees who see potential for growth in their jobs are more likely to stay engaged.

We’re living in a new world where work possibilities seem endless, but the fact remains that it is the people who make up a company and dictate the culture. Cultivating one where L&D is available and at the center will help drive engagement, increase employee retention, and create opportunities for employees to be promoted to leadership roles.

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