Top Five Benefits of Gamification in L&D

  1. Puzzles. This is a great way to help your employees better understand how they fit in the organization. In addition, how each department fits together to work toward the overall organizational objectives.
  2. Role-playing and simulation. This can help teach sales strategies, selling practices, and other technical skills related to their jobs.
  3. Action and strategy. This is excellent for building soft skills such as conflict resolution, time management, networking, teamwork, and creative thinking.
  4. Adventure. This is a fun way to replace out-of-date compliance training.
  1. Boosts productivity and engagement. According to a TalentLMS survey, 83% of employees who receive gamified training feel motivated, 89% feel more productive, and 88% feel happier at work. You can’t really argue with odds like that. When they reach their goals, they’ll feel satisfied and self-motivated, which can help them realize their full potential.
  2. Strengthens teamwork and bolsters social interaction. Gamification elements include a competitive element that allows employees to compete against each other but also bond while learning crucial areas of their job — it’s all about creating that team aspect. Like-minded people coming together help to achieve shared goals.
  3. Enhances corporate image. Incorporating gamification can help establish an attractive corporate image that allows it to stand out to not only competitors and employees but also the general public. Communication is a critical tool when it comes to organizational success and can be easier with the assistance of gaming dynamics.
  4. Encourages creative innovation. High-stakes scenarios employees are put in through gamification processes can compel them to think unconventionally. By incorporating assorted elements, you can prepare them for the most bewildering situations they could face in the real world. This presents an excellent environment for creativity and innovation.
  5. Gives next steps. Gamification gives employees instant feedback on performance and instructions on what’s next. It’s great for new-employee onboarding as well. They can improve their performance by following the action steps that will advance them.



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