What is Enterprise Leadership and Why Do You Need it?

2 min readApr 26, 2022


The leadership landscape is changing. Instead of simply managing a single team with a laser focused function, it’s becoming a necessity to be able to think and collaborate with the entirety of the organization in mind. Enterprise Leadership, this ability to reframe the mindset to consider all — including customer groups, is vital to achieve the overall company vision.

How can you ensure your leaders operate in this way? We’ve discovered some key differences between normal leadership and enterprise leadership.

3 Key Differences from Normal Leadership

  1. They consider the entire enterprise and all ecosystems. They don’t simply connect the dots within the enterprise but connect the ones from outside as well. Rather than making quick, hasty decisions in the moment, they’re able to think through how they can contribute for the collective excellence.
  2. They cultivate and are generous with the resources they have. They do not view any abundance as an advantage they have over their peers but as an asset they can share. Be it financial or a colleague, they’re able to view this through a lens as something that benefits the entire organization. They’re willing to sacrifice their short-term impact for the larger corporate success.
  3. They have answers to the big four enterprise questions.
  • Purpose or the Big Why: Why is it important for us to exist?
  • Vision or the Big What: What can we become through living our purpose?
  • Strategy or the Big How: How do we get there?
  • Talent or the Big Who: Who can help get us there?

Shifting mindsets from self-success to enterprise success is key in ensuring everyone stays aligned on the common goal. Honing these three areas across your leadership can help your organization move faster toward achieving collective success.

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Written by Rachel Strysik




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